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【Patent agency system production】  
Handle the patent matters is complex and the careful work, it involves extensive knowledge such as the law, the economy, the science technology and the technical literature and so on. After application document submission there are many procedures to be done which spend manpower and money. However, if there is any problem occurs, possibly will waste all previous efforts and causes the loss which should not have and is unable to recall actually.
The agent of patent means the agency of patent is in the name of client, within the range of agency's authority, handle the patent application or the patent matter. Agency must be with the approval of State Intellectual Property Bureau, can accept the client's commission, handle the service organizations of patent application or other paten
The patent agents are specialized person who understand professional technique as well as patent law and relevant regulations. So entrust the patent agent to handle patent issue can not only avoid unnecessary losses but also can improve the quality of patent application, act.

The patent applications of China's Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and relevant affairs 
Preliminary examination , substantive examination, revision, invalid, resuming the right, and accelerating examining the procedure
Alter after applying and authorizing
Consultation of patent matter
Analysis and planning of Patent strategy
The procedure control, withhold the annual fee after authorizing
Investigation search, special topic searched, patent transferred
CAD mechanical drawing, making appearance design picture, photo
PCT international application, single country application
Different languages translation

【Notice for application of the domestic patent】
1、Needed documents and materials
 Apply for patent for invention, the application document should include: Petition of patent for invention, manual (there should be figures if necessary), claims, summary and figure, each made in duplicate. The application for a patent for invention relates to the amino acid or nucleotide array, should include this sequence listing in the manual, and submitted alone. At the same time there is CDs or floppy disk of this sequence listing according with the record that State Intellectual Property Bureau stipulates should be submitted .Apply for practical new patent, the application document should include: Practical new patent petition, manual, manual figure, claims, summary and figure, each made in duplicate.
Apply for practical new patent, the application document should include: Practical new patent petition, manual, manual figure, claims, summary and figure, each made in duplicate.
Apply for design patent of the appearance, the application document should include: Appearance design patent petition, picture or photo, all made in duplicate. Ones that demand to protect color, should submit the colored picture or photo in duplicate. Submit the picture, two should be pictures, submit the photo, two should be photos. If need proving the picture or photo, should submit the brief illustration of appearance design, in duplicate.
 2、Business flow diagram of domestic patent application

【domestic patent application flow chart】

【Notice for application of the foreign patent】 
Two routes of applying for the foreign patent
The first rout is directly through Paris Convention. China is the member of Paris Convention. As to the Chinese applicant who can enjoy " Priority Principle 
Another route is through PCT route. China jointed Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on January 1st, 1994, and realized “one country applies, multinational effectively”. This route is divided into international stage and national stage.
Application applies according to PCT stipulates called international application. Generally speaking, foreign application is the patent application that a resident or people of PCT contracting party put forward for getting the protection. Our country has already acceded to Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the applicant of our country can utilize PCT route to apply for the foreign patent since January 1, 1994. Till now PCT members have already reached 114 including industrialized countries such as U.S.A., Japan, Canada, Russia and all European patent convention contracting party, etc. And developing countries such as developing countries South Korea, Brazil etc. nearly cover all important countries of implementing patent system in the world.
When a applicant hopes to get a lot of countries protection (generally in above 5 countries) for his invention and creation, it is suitable to utilize PCT route. Because he only needs to put forward an international application to Patent Office of the People's Republic of China through PCT route, avoiding the trouble of putting forward national application to every country separately. PCT members apply other protection forms except patent for invention both to country application and foreign application. Some country use practical new paten, Australia petty patent, U.S.A. continuation or partly continuing application etc. So, the applicant of PCT application can choose multi-form protection differently according to his needs.
What advantages can Chinese applicant obtain from PCT procedure?
1. Simplify the procedure of filing an application. Write the application document in his mother language (Chinese or English) and submit to the Chinese patent office of State Intellectual Property Bureau. 
2. Postpone the time of decision, inject capital into accurately. At international stage, the applicant will receive world search report and preliminary report of a patent. According to these reports, the applicant can judge tentatively his own invention has patentability, then go through the procedure of entering a lot of countries in 30 months since priority day and submit the translation of international applies and pay the corresponding expenses;
3. Improve the application document. The applicant can revise the application document according to the
world search report and preliminary report of a patent  

Lighten the burden of State Bureau of members. 
Process of international patent application
1.Put forward China's patent application
Generally speaking, Chinese individual or company can put forward the national application to Patent Office of the People's Republic of China firstly, Then  put forward the international application during 12 months and require national priority. In this way, the applicant has 12 months to consider whether it is necessary to apply for foreign patent, through what way to apply and at the same time carry on essential preparation in order to file an application.
According to relevant regulations, Chinese individual or company can put forward the international application directly after inventing and creating, however, must appoint both foreign countries and China in the application.
2.Trust the agency of patent
International application must be trust to stipulated patent agency. This agency will help applicants to fill in various forms, revise the application document, and submits the application document to Patent Office of the People's Republic of China, pay expense and go through various procedures.
3.Examination and approval procedures of international application
International application includes international stage and national stage.
1)international stage 
International stage is the first stage including the must and optical procedures such as acceptance, formal examination, survey and announce etc.
The international application which Chinese individual or company puts forward to Patent Office of the People's Republic of China, are gone on by World Intellect World Intellectual Property Organization except that world announces that is go on in Patent Office of the People's Republic of China
International survey means Patent Office of the People's Republic of China searches according to the regulation of the treaty to find out relevant literature and point out its relevant intensity. Usually it makes survey the report in 4 months since the application date.
Initial international survey means Patent Office of the People's Republic of China makes survey according to the applicant, and gives suggestion on the invention asking for protection for its emergent novelty, creativity and industrial practicability. Usually report of initial international survey comes out in 9 months after the receiving of survey requirement.
2)national stage
National stage is the second stage. It goes on in the national patent office (called the appointed office or selected to settle) that the applicant hopes to obtain the patent right. It includes the procedure of entering national stage andexamination and approval procedures.
The main procedure of applying to enter national stage is that submits the international application document according to the regulations of various countries, pay the expenses stipulated.
When international application goes to the national stage, the patent offices of various countries will examine it according to its rules and regulations, and determine whether to award the patent.        According to Paris Convention principle,after our country joined PCT, Chinese individual and company can still put forward the national application to foreign country, especially when the applicant only needs to apply to one country or minority country. It is suitable to use Paris Convention route. One of the important principles of Paris Convention is "priority principle” which means the applicant applies a invention and creation of any one member state of this convention for the first time, within one definite term (i.e. I.e. priority time limit: 6 months for appearance design, 12 months for invent or practical new ones) the same applicant can apply in other member state for the same invention(after apply). This” after apply” is considered to be put forward with the first application on the same day. The priority principle brings great convenience to the applicant.        The applicant can apply for the foreign patent and make the decision in 6 months or 12 months after one member state files an application. Once the applicant decides to apply for the foreign patent, he can file an application within this term and enjoy priority principle. According to the stipulations of article 20 of China's patent law, if an applicant applies for foreign patent, he should put forward the patent application first to Patent Office of the People's Republic of China and then to the foreign patent office. Applicant applies for the foreign patent within priority time limit can enjoy former patent application of China. If the former patent application of China has already exceeded priority time limit but not disclosed yet, can also apply for the foreign patent before disclosing, but no longer enjoy priority.
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