Shantou tevevision has interviewed our firm about the subject of “Three strike and Two development”
       Striking to sellfakeproductandbullytravelbullycity and commercialbribe, developing a socialcredit system and market supervision system called Three strike and Two development. This action now is across the whole province.
        As our lawer think, many enterprises especially in Shantou area have only pay attention to the traditional name but not the trademark registration. Many famous enterprises lose a lot due to their trademark has been registed by others.
        Take food industry for example, due to the low start, fast restructuring and poor profit, food industry is easy to be copied. So the trademark registration is very helpful for the enterprise. A good trademark can not only impress the comsumer deeply but also raise the reputation. The enterprise has the exclusiverights after registration. When the trademark is infringed, the enterprise can protect himself according to the exclusive right. It is important for the enterprise to raisingIPRawareness.
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