The necessity about the enterprises safeguard their own interests through the Customs IP Protection Record

November 11, 2014

At present most of the enterprises in our country have been aware of the importance of intellectual property rights, and has started to protect it,such as trademark, patent, copyright and so on. These protective ways appear to have been tight, but in fact, many enterprises still miss an important point which is import and export trading links -- the customs.

In recent years the ratio that the Customs seized the violations of intellectual property rights gradually increases, the emergence of intellectual property rights disputes in the import and export trading link has become increasingly frequent, so it is necessary for the enterprises to understand how the customs plays the role of the intellectual property rights and how the enterprises file to gain the customs’s protection in the import and export trading link.

The importance of the recording of Customs Protection of intellectual property rights:

(1) Contribute to the active protection measures taken by the customs. If the enterprises don’t record their intellectual property rights in the Customs before, when the customs find that the infringing goods are going to be imported or exported, it not only does not have the power to suspend this initiatively, but also doesn’t have the right to investigate and deal with the infringing goods.

(2) To help customs timely find infringing goods. When the enterprises record, it needs to provide the relevant intellectual property rights information, the suspected infringing goods and the relevant pictures and photos and so on, the customs may find the suspected infringing goods and take the initiative to detain during the day-to-day supervision of goods. Therefore the enterprises record the intellectual property rights so that they can get timely protection of the legitimate rights and interests.

(3) Prevent infringement which may happen in the future. Due to the customs confiscate the imported or exported infringing goods and give administrative punishment to the import and export enterprises, as early as recording the intellectual property rights, can generate a warning and deterrent effect on those enterprises have no qualms about importing and exporting infringing goods in the past, push them consciously respect intellectual property rights.

This year, 23 trademarks of Guangdong Shantai foodstuff Co., Ltd we filed have been recorded successfully. The enterprises engaged in import and export business need to know about the intellectual property rights recorded in the General Administration of Customs, pls feel free to contact us.

If ask the Customs for implementation of the protection of the intellectual property rights, pls send intellectual property rights legal status, the related goods information, intellectual property legal usage and infringing goods import and export situation in written form to the General Administration of customs through us, in order to protect related intellectual property rights actively during the regulatory process of importing and exporting goods by the customs.

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